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Guru Randhawa attacked during a show in Vancouver.

Guru Randhawa attacked during a show in Vancouver.

Guru Randhawa, the famous Punjabi singer, is now back in India with four stitches after a person punched him in Vancouver, Canada as he left the stadium after a concert was over.

Recently, an unknown person in Vancouver, Canada, assaulted the renowned Punjabi singer, Guru Randhawa. After his concert after the assault, Guru left the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver on Sunday night.

 Guru Randhawa, announced his return to India with an Instagram post, confirming that he "is home now, feel secure" and adding that he has four stitches on his forehead after being assaulted by a member of the crowd during a show in Vancouver, Canada.

They says that, "A man was trying to come back and forth again and again and then he began fighting with everybody backstage. He was known to the local promoter Surinder Sanghera who sent him away during the show. But at the end, when Guru finished the show and left the stage, that Punjabi man came and hit him hard with a punch on his face, so Guru started bleeding on the spot from head. After that the declaration added that it was not possible to identify the supposed assaultor as he escaped the place: "That guy was with few others and whoever tried to prevent them was punching them and then they all fled.

After the incident Guru Randhawa's team also stated that he would no longer have concerts in Canada: "Guru is now feeling secure in India, and he said he would never perform in Canada for the remainder of his life. Guru said his Guru Nanak Dev Ji had saved him and prayed to Waheguru to give that man a good sense of knowing what to do and what not to do.

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