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Happy Birthday M.S Dhoni: The conquerer

Happy Birthday M.S Dhoni: The conquerer .

' Captain Cool ' Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on July 7, 1981 and turned 38 on Sunday. MS Dhoni remains one of the largest cricket icons ever known to the game in the world.

A tiny Ranchi town boy evolved to become the world's greatest captain and wicketkeeper. It was the cool, composed nature of Dhoni that made him an icon with the youth of India.

The career of MS Dhoni began on December 23, 2004 with a duck against Bangladesh. But he continued to become one of history's biggest batsmen. MS Dhoni quickly developed into an unstoppable force in ODIs. But it was as the captain of India that MS Dhoni produced his mark on the globe of cricket.

In hard, pressure circumstances, MS Dhoni's cool demeanor and poker face became part of cricketing folklore. In helping India win the 2011 ODI World Cup, 2007 T20 World Cup and Champions Trophy, Dhoni used his cricketing wits and smarts. In all 3 ICC tournaments, no other person has captured his nation to victory.
MS Dhoni led India at a total of 200 ODIs, including the India with 110 games, in 2007 a surprise choice for the captain. In his home country he captured the squad with 43 victories out of 73 games. MS Dhoni has represented the India in 90 tests, 348 ODI and 98 T20i.

Dhoni has recorded the most stumps in global cricket, which ended India's protracted drought by a genuinely wicket-keeping batsman– 123 stumps. Dhoni had a great hype when India began its campaign for the 2019 World Cup edition. His last World Cup had been played by the former captain and 38-year-old wicketkeeper, also the longest-serving Indian sailor up until now.MS Dhoni has been constantly criticized for his intention to fight the bat, currently playing in his 4th World Cup. Dhoni, one of the greatest players in the game, was found to fight for limits and speed up the running speed.

M.S Dhoni has raised several issues about its 28 off 52 balls on Afghanistan, one of the weakest teams in the tournament. When India experienced loss in the tournament, Dhoni took some flak in India's unsuccessful run chase against England. Despite latest formlessness, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is always known as one of the greatest capitans in Indian cricket history.
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