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Nusrat Jahan got married.

Nusrat Jahan got married.

Nusrat Jahan,is a Bengali actress TMC MP, married Nikhil Jain in Turkey on June 19. Nusrat where the reception of the wedding was on July 4. Now some pictures of his reception on social media are becoming viral. Wedding reception pictures were transmitted to the Actress Nusrat where they shared their Instagram account. Nusrat and Nikhil's duo look good in this picture. TMC MP (TMC MP) Nusrat Jahan visited the reception of several major rulers including Minister Mamta Banerjee of West Bengal.

When he sharing the photograph of Wedding Reception, Nusrat Jahan wrote in the caption, "Whenever I close my eyes, I see that the light of your love illuminates my heart. You've altered my life. You've fulfilled me.' Fans are fiercely announcing this article on Nusrat In another photograph Nusrat and Nikhil are seen with chief minister Mamta Banerjee and Mimi Chakraborty.

Nusrat Jahan also entered the Rath Yatra on the marriage reception arranged by the ISKCON temple. Whose pictures were teetering on social media The renowned Bengali film actress Nusrat, where he challenged the Basirhat constituency of West Bengal on the Trinamool Congress ticket and won over 3.5 lakh votes.
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