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S Jaipal Reddy : the legendary politician

S Jaipal Reddy : the legendary politician.

S Jaipal Reddy : the legendary politician

Jaipal Reddy was born on January 16, 1942 and soon displayed political aspirations. He was one of the brightest rulers during his days at Osmania University at Hyderabad. There have been many tales about how he survived an attack during the 1969-70 Telangana agitation for his strident role.

S Jaipal Reddy started his Congressman career and died as a Congressman on Sunday at the age of 77. However, he has not always remained one in his 50 years of government life. Reddy, who would always describe himself as a committed socialist, always put his convictions first, leading him to leave Congress and the Andhra Pradesh Assembly in 1977 to protest against the emergency. 

As a student leader, Reddy began his political career. He was Andhra Assembly speaker from 1969 to 1984. He headed Andhra Pradesh's Youth Congress unit in the early 1960s, and subsequently served three years as general secretary of the party's state unit. In 1977, he left Congress to join the Janata Party. Once the party was divided, Reddy remained with the Janata Party led by Chandra Shekhar, which eventually merged into the Janata Dal with the Lok Dal.

Andhra Pradesh was a rare state to vote for the Telugu Desam Party and other opposition parties in 1984, as the sympathy wave for the Rajiv Gandhi-led Congress after Indira Gandhi's assassination swept away much of the opposition. Reddy won as a candidate for the Janata Party from the Mehbubnagar seat. He was a five-term Lok Sabha MP and served two terms as a member of the Rajya Sabha, in 1991-92  he serving as the House's opposition leader.

Reddy became the party spokesman after he joined the Congress in 1999. Reddy served his second term as the minister for data and broadcasting during the Manmohan Singh government. He also served as Science and Technology, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Housing and Urban Development Minister.Reddy was abolished as the oil and gas minister on October 28, 2012. Opposition sides claimed that this was under a corporate house pressure. Reddy, gracious as ever, has not blamed either the prime minister or the corporate group, for not giving the opposition ammunition against the government and joining his new portfolio.

Now He stood up strongly against the emergency, the Reliance Group's power, and practiced clean politics.

 He never let his physical handicap obstruct his grit and determination voyage for a lifetime. His exemplary government life marked this.

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